This fiddle, which I completed in March of 2015 is for sale, by owner, and is used. I do not normally offer used instruments on the site but have gladly offered to help out with the sale, as this customer is a repeat Pomeroy owner and has become a friend during our multiple correspondences over the years. And also..because this fiddle is special to me and I’d love to steer it into another good home. He actually just purchased it fairly recently but has since developed some physical challenges that have made it impossible for him to play.

I had claimed this fiddle for myself after it was first built and played it for years. I felt like it was the best one I had built to that date and still feel like its in the top 3 of all of them I’ve built until now. I recorded an old timey record with my band “Wooden Nickel” in 2016 and played it for the entire album. Please listen below to a cut from that album. I’ve always felt that it was everything I’d ever wanted in a fiddle..crisp highs, deep rich lows, good balance across its full range and great response. I would challenge anyone to find a better fiddle on the market right now in this price range. The owner is offering it with Bobolocke hardshell case and a Coda GX Diamond graphite bow, which has a value of over 850.00. He’s asking 2500.00 for the whole package, an awesome deal for sure!  Please contact me with any questions at all.