Just completed in November 2021, here is another custom “V” style oval hole with figured American Walnut back, sides and neck. It features an artist grade Red Spruce top and is finished in oil varnish. Here’s a list of other features:

“V” style construction, plates overhanging the sides with inlaid violin perfling top and back
 Red spruce top, X braced
Golden Age “Relic” tuners in vintage brass  w/ matching tailpiece
1 3/16″ width ebony nut
Shop made ebony adjustable bridge/saddle
Adjustable truss rod and 3 piece laminate neck construction
Soft “V” neck profile
10″ Radiused fingerboard with MOP dots and side markers
oil varnish finish and strung up with flatwound strings


“I came home and opened the box and was stunned at how beautiful it is. I checked the tuning and played an Irish reel and, I’ll be honest, it sounded so good that I actually cried. That is quite something for me. I am usually pretty mellow, but I just fell in love with this mandolin and the emotions overwhelmed me. I expected it to take me a while to get really comfortable with a new instrument, but the reality is that by the time I had finished the first song, that was already done. I feel like I have had it forever.
I am really surprised how much better it sounds than my Gibson. It sustains so much longer and the tone is so much fuller. It’s also just a lot easier to play.
    So then I took it over to my friend’s house (the guitar player) and we played for a while and we both marveled at this perfect mandolin that you have made. Every song we played sounded great on it. I know I have said this before, but I am so very grateful to you for the care and thoughtfulness you put into making this mandolin for me. It’s everything I was hoping it would be.”   Lena Turner, owner  Nov. 2021