“Completed in May of 2024 this is a custom, A style oval hole. It features  Englemenn top, two piece figured walnut back and sides, James tailpiece and Rubner tuners.

  ” I got to play a bit and look around much closer.  As I said earlier, the neck feels very good to me. Comfortable size and shape. I like it. The frets are fine, perfect. I love the finish. Perfect. I don’t like high gloss nor do I like satin. This is perfect. I’m glad I upgraded the tailpiece and the tuners. Both are the best I’ve seen.
My initial thoughts on the tone are that it is quite wonderful. The E and A courses ring out, bell like. The D course seems a very strong mid. And the G is tight, not loose or boomy. Lovely balance top to bottom. At least that is the way my initial impression is going. You can expect to get some updates in the days to come.
I’m very happy, and I thank you a lot.”                  Dennis Mechem, owner, June 15