“Completed in January of 2024 this is a custom, A style oval hole. It features a single strand rosette, Englemenn top, two piece Red Maple back and sides. I consider this to be a “basic” model, but I never cut corners when it comes to creating my signature Pomeroy tone. It boasts a robust and fat low end, sonorous mids and twinkling highs. Fully balanced across its range, the notes are focused and responsive yet the sound chamber has rich sustain.                                                                                                         

“Don, The beautiful instrument you just made for me has arrived safely and in fine condition. I immediately wanted to check it out in comparison to my other mandolins, a 1915 A1 Gibson and a 1915 F4 Gibson, and a Collings f-hole MT. The  Pomeroy compares very favorably to these instruments, it is just as sweet, except possibly for the E string on the F4, and louder than the Gibsons. With time, I think it will be just as sweet on the E as the F4. An amazingly good sound for a brand new instrument, far nicer than the Collings.

I’m very happy with the mandolin and will be showing it to all my Mando playing friends. 
                                                       All the best, Rich”