This one completed in February 2023, a custom “basic” oval hole mandola, featuring Englemenn spruce top and figured maple back, sides and neck, built for the same customer that ordered mandolin #284. They were built in sequence but delivered to him at the same time.



“And as for the mandola, other than work and family obligations, it’s pretty much the only thing at the moment pulling me away from your mandolin.  I’m still trying to figure out how to play it, and what exactly to do with it, but it’s been a fun challenge to try to get the hang of it so far, and it’s been easy to get totally absorbed and completely lose track of the time with it.  I’ve definitely stayed up way too late on more than a few nights trying to learn both new and old tunes on it, not to mention just fiddling around.  And it is lovely to look at and even just hold in person, even better than the pictures would have suggested.  Like the mandolin, it’s also easy to play (accounting for the adjustment to the longer scale and larger size) and very comfortable, even though I’m still missing a few notes here and there and getting a little bit fatigued after a while, as I’m still adjusting to the size and scale of it.
In short, I’m very happy with both instruments, and anticipate enjoying them for a long time to come.  You did an amazing job with both of them. ”  Christopher H. owner