Pomeroy Instruments - Handcrafted Mandolins and Fiddles

….Building quality, hand-crafted mandolins and fiddles, one at a time.

Welcome to our shop, high in the Rockies of Colorado.

Here at Pomeroy Instruments we’ve established a firm and consistent approach, combining traditional techniques with modern building concepts to create what we believe are some of the finest instruments you’ll find anywhere. As a small custom shop our instruments are truly hand crafted, one at a time. Without the demands and pressures of a production oriented workplace, we’re able to focus on our love for the craft, creating unique, one of a kind instruments.

No matter what your mandolin tastes, you may find just what you’re looking for right now on our “Currently Available” page. And check out the audio samples that accompany each listing. We do our best to create an accurate sample of what each one sounds like.

…or ask us about a custom order. We’ve been building custom mandolins for over 20 years and to date have created over 275 mandolins, a few dozen fiddles and even a few custom guitars for friends. Many of these can be seen on the Recently Completed page or in the Gallery section..

We invite you to explore our website and get to know us through our instruments and design philosophies. And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, I always welcome visitors to the shop and showroom in Glenwood Springs. Please call or write for an appointment: 970-274-0659 or donpaine@live.com  . Contact us anytime for current pricing and building schedules. Thanks for dropping in!


Currently Available Mandolins

Thanks for visiting the sight. I’m happy to finally have an available octave mandolin, just completed in September. Click on the pic below for details, photos and audio clips.

Please contact us if you’d like a custom build and want to get on the list. Sending our best to you all, Don.