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Building quality, hand-crafted mandolins and fiddles, one at a time.

From day one, my 2-Point mandolin had a bark that was loud and bright, and a tone that was woody and throaty sounding; the tone has only gotten better with age. My most recent edition is a short-necked octave mandolin that is so warm and sweet sounding, I can hardly put it down. Its deep sustained tone resonates down to the depths of my belly and fills me with warmth. I could not be more pleased with these two beautifully crafted instruments, and the fact that they were hand built right here in Colorado by Don and Josh Paine makes them even more special to me."

- Darrin Goodman, owner #102 & #164

About Pomeroy Instruments

The signature Pomeroy sound... Rich, crisp tones that are at once full and resonant but with excellent pop and bark, all the way up the neck... every Bluegrass players dream.

We harvest our own Colorado Engelmann spruce! Learn more about our harvesting efforts...

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Call Us Don Paine
   p: (970) 274-0659
   e: don@pomeroyinstruments.com
Josh Paine
   p: (970) 930-2022
   e: josh@pomeroyinstruments.com

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