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Building quality, hand-crafted mandolins and fiddles, one at a time.

Fiddles - Recently Completed

Nate Paine fiddle #001, completed in June 2015 Sold

My older son Nate has been working in the Pomeroy shop this Spring and Summer and completed two fiddles. Like his brother Josh, he's taken to the luthier craft like he's been doing it for centuries. His first fiddle sold in a matter of weeks with a brilliant, full tone. His 2nd will be available soon so watch for it. I'm hopeful that he'll continue to build under the Pomeroy name with his brother Josh and myself. I'm proud to show it off here.


Pomeroy Fiddle #11 Sold

  • Carpathian Spruce top from Eastern Europe
  • European Sycamore Maple back and sides
  • Oil varnish finish in gloss

Hi Don, I have just returned from my group lesson with Hope Grietzer. She saw and sawed on Maude (#11) for the entire lesson. She just raved about everything she noticed about the fiddle. She gave me her fiddle for the lesson and thank god she gave Maude back. I was a little worried for awhile. She loved the tone, the responsiveness, the action, the wood, the color and finish. This was not her being polite or diplomatic. She genuinely loved Li'l Maudie and loved putting her through her paces. I should say that listening to her fiddle in class and on cd had a big part in my wanting one of yours. In addition, Maude compares equally with Hope's fiddle which quite old and broken in. So be very proud of your work as she is held in very high regard in these parts!"

- Hal Cunningham, Binghamton NY, owner of Pomeroy fiddle #11, "Maude"

Pomeroy Fiddle #4 Sold

  • Englemenn Spruce top
  • Two piece figured Red Maple back and sides
  • Oil varnish, satin finish
  • Bobolock fiberglass case with cover, shipping included


Pomeroy Fiddle #7 Sold

  • Carpathian Spruce top from Eastern Europe
  • Two piece figured Red Maple back and sides
  • Oil varnish, satin finish
  • Bobolock fiberglass case with cover, shipping included

I believe this is one of my best yet, tone must be experienced.
Offered at $3800.00


Pomeroy Fiddle #2 Sold

This fiddle features an Engelmann Spruce top and 1 piece Sugar Maple back, oil varnish finish.

Tone is rich and warm.. velvety smooth and well balanced.. Without the bright cutting power of fiddle 6, it is sonorous, but softer, rounder.. deeper.


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I'm the proud owner Don's 3rd fiddle. As an Old Time fiddler, it's just what I was looking for. The tone is warm, full but can I say it? "fiddly". Playability is excellent, with a clear, balanced tone up and down the neck. The finish is subtle and very meticulously done. Overall, the craftmanship is wonderful and very easy to deal with. I couldn't be happier!"

- Belita Mulinax, Old Time fiddler, commenting on fiddle #3

About Pomeroy Instruments

The signature Pomeroy sound... Rich, crisp tones that are at once full and resonant but with excellent pop and bark, all the way up the neck... every Bluegrass players dream.

We harvest our own Colorado Engelmann spruce! Learn more about our harvesting efforts...

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