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Building quality, hand-crafted mandolins and fiddles, one at a time.

Fiddles - Currently Available

Pomeroy Fiddle N004, completed in February 2016

This is only Nate's 4th creation, but I think you'd be hard pressed to believe it. In his short building career he has created some wonderful violins, and this one is exceptional for sure. Rich, warm tones, but bright and full, from highs to lows. Forgiving and smooth with big, cutting volume are a few phrases that come to mind as I sit and play it. I guarantee anyone would be impressed by this instrument. He has a gift for this, like his brother. His impeccable craftsmanship highlights the respect and passion he's had for the fiddle for many years as a player.

It also features:

  • Colorado Englemenn Spruce top
  • Two piece, figured Vermont Red Maple back and sides
  • Hand applied oil varnish with a satin sheen
  • Hardshell case with cover, shipping included
  • Includes a 2-week trial period and then our Pomeroy lifetime warranty
  • Priced at $3600.00

Please inquire for more photos and as always... any questions


Pomeroy Fiddle #17, completed in January 2016

It features:

  • Colorado Englemenn Spruce top
  • One piece figured Vermont Red Maple back and sides
  • "Pristine" hand applied oil varnish
  • Hardshell case with cover, shipping included
  • Includes 2-week trial period and then Pomeroy lifetime warranty
  • Priced at $3600.00

...With big, open tones across the full range. From deep and full lows to rich, warm highs. Overall, glassy smooth playability and response. Strung with med. Helicore strings. Please view the short videos for a sample of this, and always feel free to contact me with any questions at all.

Nate Paine Fiddle #2 Sold

Nate Paine's 2nd fiddle is just complete and currently available in the Pomeroy showroom. It features a Colorado Englemenn spruce top and slab sawn, one piece Red Maple back and sides. It has a brilliant, balanced tone with fat, punchy lows and rich cutting highs. Nate plays a short version of "Indian Nation" on it in the video below. I'm proud to list it here as a "Pomeroy" as we welcome Nate into the Pomeroy shop. This one is priced at $2150.00, an incredible bargain by any standard.


We are in the process of filling custom orders; please check back soon or contact us to schedule your custom build today.

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I'm the proud owner Don's 3rd fiddle. As an Old Time fiddler, it's just what I was looking for. The tone is warm, full but can I say it? "fiddly". Playability is excellent, with a clear, balanced tone up and down the neck. The finish is subtle and very meticulously done. Overall, the craftmanship is wonderful and very easy to deal with. I couldn't be happier!"

- Belita Mulinax, Old Time fiddler, commenting on fiddle #3

About Pomeroy Instruments

The signature Pomeroy sound... Rich, crisp tones that are at once full and resonant but with excellent pop and bark, all the way up the neck... every Bluegrass players dream.

We harvest our own Colorado Engelmann spruce! Learn more about our harvesting efforts...

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