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Building quality, hand-crafted mandolins and fiddles, one at a time.

A New Location for Our Fiddles! - DonsFiddleShop.com

DonsFiddleShop.comIn addition to building his own, Don has been collecting different fiddles, new and used from a variety of places. Each one has been meticulously set up to his standards and comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. Don is now showcasing his own fiddles as well as the collection of fiddles from other builders at his new website, DonsFiddleShop.com.

I have known Don and Josh Paine for 12 years now both as fellow luthiers and musicians. The craftsmanship and tone they instill in their instruments is superb. As an instrument repairman myself, I have developed an eye for detail in this field and I'm always amazed by the flawless appearance and set-up of the Pomeroy instruments. As a musician, I am equally impressed by the balanced sounds that these instruments produce. Beautiful woody low tones and crisp clear high notes are consistent throughout all their instruments. I am so impressed that I bought a fiddle for myself and I am loving it!"

- Kory Khral, owner Pomeroy fiddle #3

About Pomeroy Instruments

The signature Pomeroy sound... Rich, crisp tones that are at once full and resonant but with excellent pop and bark, all the way up the neck... every Bluegrass players dream.

We harvest our own Colorado Engelmann spruce! Learn more about our harvesting efforts...

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Call Us Don Paine
   p: (970) 274-0659
   e: don@pomeroyinstruments.com
Josh Paine
   p: (970) 930-2022
   e: josh@pomeroyinstruments.com

Check out our sister website, DonsFiddleShop.com

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