About Pomeroy Instruments

Don Paine began his mandolin building career in the high mountains of Glenwood Springs, Colorado in 2001. It was a perfect fit, combining a prolific woodworking career with his musical passions. Specializing in F-5 Gibson archtop replicas, it wasn’t long before demands grew and he was building different models, including archtop mandolas and octave mandolins. His A-2 and A-4 mandolins became a favorite, combining traditional Gibson designs with a bold new tone that some customers described as ‘an old Gibson on steroids”

His son Josh had taken an interest early on, building a series of guitars and then joining his Dad building mandolins in 2008. He now specializes in F-5’s, F-4’s and Two-Points and has already proven himself to be one of the world’s great up and coming builders. Take a close look at some of the photos of his recent work and see for yourself. And even more important, he has re-defined with remarkable consistency, the signature Pomeroy sound. There is a new and rapidly growing list of owners that can attest to that.. Rich, crisp tones that are at once full and resonant but with excellent pop and bark, all the way up the neck.. every Bluegrass players dream.

Josh’s presence in the shop has given Don a chance to do what he’s really always wanted to do… build fiddles! An accomplished Old Time and Irish fiddler, he has begun creating what he believes are “violins” for the real fiddle player., with clean, pure tones, but punchy and full with a good ‘cutting’ edge. His first few are already in the hands of great players.

Today, their small shop is located in Crestone Colorado at the base of the Sangre D’Cristo mountains. where 14,000’ glaciated peaks, graced with stands of Englemann Spruce, tower up just outside the shop doors, an inspiring setting for any luthier.

Don and Josh are committed to creating the very best mandolins. And fiddles. Their attention to detail in every respect has been honored by over 150 owners. And pricewise, they believe these instruments are one of the best values available. Take a look for yourself. Please also visit our testimonials page to see what some of our valued customers have to say.

As always, we are happy to answer questions and provide further information – please Contact Us today!