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….Building quality, hand-crafted mandolins and fiddles, one at a time.

Welcome to our shop, high in the Rockies of Colorado.

Here at Pomeroy Instruments we’ve established a firm and consistent approach, combining traditional techniques with modern building concepts to create what we believe are some of the finest instruments you’ll find anywhere. As a small custom shop our instruments are truly hand crafted, one at a time. Without the demands and pressures of a production oriented workplace, we’re able to focus on our love for the craft, creating unique, one of a kind instruments.

No matter what your mandolin tastes, you may find just what you’re looking for right now  in our currently available mandolin and mandolin related instruments, or ask us about a custom order. We’ve been building custom mandolins for over 17 years and to date have created over 250 instruments.

We invite you to explore our website and get to know us through our instruments and design philosophies. And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, I always welcome visitors to the shop and showroom in Glenwood Springs. Please call or write for an appointment: 970-274-0659 or donpaine@pomeroyinstruments.com.  Contact us anytime for current pricing and building schedules. Thanks for dropping in!

[ While our new website is built out, visit our old site to see gallery images of our previously built instruments. ]

Available Mandolins

Available Fiddles

Fiddle #20

Fiddle #19

A word on violinmaking…

I started building violins in 2011; at the time, I had been making mandolins full time for over 11 years. To date I’ve made 19 violins. Having also caught the bug for building, my son Nathan has built and sold his first 4. Our focus in the Pomeroy shop remains on mandolins and mandolin family of instruments, but as a fiddle player myself, building great sounding violins has always been a goal of mine and I think that the mastery of this craft offers a fine compliment to the archtop mandolin world.

I have the greatest respect for the craftsman that have dedicated their lives to the art of violinmaking. And the more I learn, the more I am in awe of the varying approaches and opinions regarding the craft. The traditional approach builds on the originals like Guarneri and Stradivari and relies on experience, intuition and quite often a respectful nod to “alchemy”. It is time honored, heartfelt and in many cases defended to the point of hostility against the more science based models of builders like Ernst Chladni, Francois Chanot and especially the very contemporary and controversial Carleen Hutchins.

For me it was a bit overwhelming at first. I decided that if I could not build a fiddle that I wanted to play myself then I would not go down this road at all. But fortunately my first one came out pretty well, offering me encouragement. With the experience and confidence I’d already attained in building mandolins, an openness to a wide variety of shared ideas, trial and error (the greatest teacher!) and careful notes, I have progressed to the point of consistently building good sounding violins and am proud to offer them along with our mandolins. I think you would be impressed at the overall balance, “woodiness”, depth and volume, responsiveness and playability of Pomeroy violins. As mentioned above, I always welcome visitors to the shop and showroom in Glenwood Springs. Please call or write for an appointment.   970-274-0659 or donpaine@pomeroyinstruments.com

– Don Paine